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Museums & Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati, or MHS, is a colloquium of organizations with similar missions. There are a plethora of museums, libraries, monuments, sites and institutions around the region whose histories are an integral part of the development, history and experience that makes Cincinnati a cultural gem.

Settled in 1788, Cincinnati was considered to be the first American "boomtown" in the heart of the nation. It not only rivaled larger coastal cities of the 19th Century in size, but wealth as well. As the city grew, it welcomed canals, trains, streetcars and inclines. Development sprawled across the nearby hills, bluffs, and low ridges, thus becoming a significant metropolitan area. With such a history, the region- extending throughout southwestern Ohio, southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky- became a rich treasure trove full of history and culture. She truly is the Queen City.

These historical communities make Cincinnati a vibrant place to live, work, and visit. So whether you're new to the area, lived here for twenty years or are just passing through, take a journey through time and experience historic sites and museums around the area.

This cultural legacy is preserved by organizations devoted to keeping the history of Greater Cincinnati alive and passing it on to the future. These organizations, many of whom are members of the Museums & Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati, continue to celebrate this rich, diverse area. We hope that by visiting our members sites, you will experience the wonders of the Tri-State area's history and legacy.

Help support MHS and its mission to support the Tri-State's Rich history.

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