About Us

Museum Day on Fountain Square 2012Museums & Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati was founded in 1992 by a group of local museums and historic sites in order to cultivate and encourage the appreciation of history throughout the region. Today, with over forty organizations, it is considered to be the largest colloquium of its kind in the Midwest. Each member site offers a unique perspective on history and culture.

Aashi Mital (Pivotal Solutions Consulting)
Vice President: Adam Wanter (MidPointe Library System)
Treasurer: Ed Creighton (Governor Bebb Pioneer Group)
Secretary: Craig Niemi (Cincinnati Observatory)

Committee Chairs:
Kathy Creighton (Butler County Historical Society)
Kathy Creighton (Butler County Historical Society) and Craig Niemi (Cincinnati Observatory)
Aashi Mital  (Pivotal Solutions Consulting), Susan Rodgers (Terrace Park) and Craig Niemi (Cincinnati Observatory)
Meetings: Adam Wanter (MidPointe Library System) and Aashi Mital (Pivotal Solutions Consulting)