MHS Membership

Why should my organization join MHS?

Our members say...

MHS is an organization that values small museums and allows for more collaborations and greater publicity.
T.P., Grailville

 We wanted to network, learn more about museum management and marketing.
C.A., The Betts House

While we joined MHS to offer our expertise in nonprofits, we have also learned a great deal more about their needs.
A.M., Pivotal Solutions Consulting


What will you say?


MHS's mission is to promote the growth and effectiveness of the region's cultural institutions. With a keen focus on smaller institutions, we understand what it's like to work with minimal staff, small budgets, the battle for greater promotion and the implementation of professional processes. 

Members attend meetings on the second Monday of every month (save July and December). The meetings take place from 10 a.m. to noon with each being hosted at a different member site. After a brief MHS business session, we move on to our monthly professional development. These sessions strive to cover relevant, engaging and exciting topics that will educate, enrich and empower your organization’s path to greater success. Some of the topics covered this year include:

      * Strategic Planning 
      * Grant Writing
      * Visitor Research (Data Mining and Analysis)
      * Institutional Policies
      * Collection Care
      * Volunteer Recruitment
      * Guest Speakers 

These meetings also provide a wonderful opportunity to network with similar organizations around the region. We have seen increased opportunities for grants, as well as award winning exhibits born out of interactions created from MHS.

How does my organization benefit from MHS?

One of the most appreciated aspects of our membership is that it benefits the entire organization, not just the individual. Our meetings include executive directors, historians, outreach educators, interns, board members and volunteers. You will also have the chance to join our committees, if you wish to do so, thus applying your expertise to MHS's mission. Even though we would love to see you at every monthly meeting, we know that is not always possible, but our membership allows you to still gain from our many benefits. Some of which include:

      Increased organizational visibility (websites, online calendars, social media)
      * Relevant and exciting professional development and training
      * Numerous opportunities for regional collaboration and projects
      * Shared costs in high-profile venues, events and conferences
      * MHS Mentoring Program ( Click here to find out more and to sign up) 
      * Access to network of professionals and membership with MHS Partners 

We think you will find that MHS is a valuable resource for cultural institutions in the region. If you have additional questions about membership, please contact us at

How can my organization join MHS?

Your organization can become a member of MHS for a mere $30. Members can pay online through PayPal or mail their $30 check or money order (payable to Museums & Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati) to Museums & Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati, PO Box 731, Oxford, OH 45056. Along with payment, each member needs to complete an application form (click here to download). If you are mailing your payment, please include a hard copy of the completed form. If you are paying online, please email a digital copy of your form to with the name of your organization in the subject line.

Once your membership has been processed (form and all), your listed representative will be sent information on how your organization can gain greater exposure across our assets, including our digital marketing channels and the MHS Listserv, where they will gain information on upcoming MHS Member Meetings, committee meetings and other ongoings within the community.